This is my English essay entitled “Human”. Enjoy.


Who am I? I don’t ask myself that a lot but thinking about it, I can see myself as many, many different things. But in order to know who I am, I must know what my peers think of me as. I feel that maybe knowing and understanding what my friends think of me will help me understand who I am. Thinking back at it, I can remember the time that my basketball coach helped me to understand things about me. He went up to me during lunch and said, “Jem! You should try out for the basketball team! MAKE USE OF YOUR HEIGHT!” If not for him, I probably would not have realized my true love for the game of basketball. So yes, I can say that I am an athlete.

Also, I consider myself a musician, role I discovered with the help of my brother and guitar teacher. My brother influenced me to fall in love with music, an event I still remember quite vividly. When I was in grade 4, while studying for my Science test I heard my brother playing music REAL loud on iTunes. So yeah, instead of actually STUDYING for the test, I sort of spent the entire two hours listening to random songs my brother played on his computer. I flunked the test but at least I was able to discover my love for music. As for my guitar teacher, he can simply be considered the reason behind my knowledge of the guitar. He taught me almost EVERTHING that I know. Every Saturday, he would come over to my house just to allocate an hour of his daily life to teach me. Though it has been a long time since he has taught me, I can remember most of his teachings. One of the most memorable lessons would be the “spider-walk”. It was this really hard method of improving your finger speed, reaction time and finger reach. Even after a year I have still been unable to master the technique but I promised him, “I will master it!”

Another role would be the position of a friend, which I believe, is a perfect hand glove fit for me. There has been many times where people have called me a good friend. An example of which would be the time I came EXTRA early to my friend’s house in order to help him move the T.V. from the living room to the den. I am telling you, that television was HEAVY!

So from what I have written, I can consider myself an athlete, a musician and a friend. But most of all, I consider myself to be a being that makes mistakes, one that has feelings and of course, creativity.

I consider myself to be HUMAN.

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